Top 10 Art Trends Of The TikTok Art Community

Top 10 Art Trends Of The TikTok Art Community

Since the introduction of TikTok, there has always been an existence of the TikTok art community. All the creators interested in drawings and crafts come under this category. In recent times even you would have noticed the growth of the art community in TikTok.

You can market your art and sell them to interested buyers on TikTok.You can try the art challenges listed below for the organic growth of your account. For faster development, you can also buy TikTok views and build online visibility.

Oc Challenge

You are challenged to create an Original Character in this challenge. For example, there might be audio/ music in which specific rules are said. By choosing an object, shape, or subject, you first create a stick figure of the character. Then you can make a Jump-Cut video showing the finished character. This challenge encourages you to draw your inner demon-type creatures.

Pour Art Challenge

The essential materials for the pour art challenge are canvas and a pour art kit with paint and other necessary supplies. In this challenge, you mix color paint with white in different small cups. Then you start pouring different colors into a cup and slowly pour the paint into the canvas. Lastly, lift the canvas and slide it in different directions to cover the canvas. You can find yourself amused with the abstract painting you have created effortlessly in a short time.

Different Stages Challenge

You usually start this challenge by recording the beginning, mid-way, and finished art pieces. After recording, you make a jump-cut video by editing the audio that initiated the trend. These kinds of challenges can boost your creativity. You can also sell your artwork by advertising your art on TikTok.

Sculpting Challenge

You can start this challenge by buying good air-dry clay. After buying:
Think of a character or a thing you want to sculpt.
Record the process of sculpting, and show how you did it.
Show the dried sculpture and the painting process.
It’s an interactive challenge to help you relax and build an account all in one.

Finger Art Challenge

You have to use your finger only while doing this challenge. You cannot use a pencil, pen, or paintbrush while doing this challenge. You can record the time-lapse of the painting and end it with the finished art piece. These challenges can inspire you with new art ideas and help you relax. You can post this with proper hashtag usage and try to buy tiktok likes to get discovered by new audiences.

Blue Light Challenge

In this challenge, you must draw only with blue lighting in your room. Your paint labels will be removed, and you will have to paint by guessing colors. It is an enjoyable challenge that produces an exciting result. You can record the process and show the finished piece at the end. You can try these challenges to get a creative spark for more art.

Blob Art Challenge

In this challenge, you can create a set of blobs in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Now you must make characters that form through the blobs you have created. You can boost your creativity and think altogether. Even though this challenge is a little out of trend, you can tweak it with something new, and it will reach people.

Crochet Challenge

It would be best to have crochet tools and yarns to take up a crochet challenge. Crochet is a time-consuming art project and, at the same time, trendy too. It has over 8.6 billion views on TikTok and many small business setups. You can produce crochet bags, clothes, or accessories and sell them. For showing off the newly launched products, record your making process and post them. Crochets are an all-time favorite for many TikTok viewers.

2018 Vs. 2022 Art Challenge

In this challenge, you can find an old art and recreate it with your current skills. It helps you understand your improvement over the years. You can also keep the posting consistent, so your viewers aren’t waiting. These kinds of small challenges help with growing followers organically.

Highlighter Challenge

For this challenge, you must limit your art supplies to highlighters. These challenges limit your freedom and ask you to think outside the box. You can always produce good results when participating in such challenges. So pick up that highlighter in your room and start the challenge.

Winding Up

The growth of the art community in TikTok is mainly because of your creative content and the art challenges. Art challenges usually trend within the community since it’s creative and relaxing to watch. If you are in a creative art block, try these art challenges to remember how fun it is to create art. Challenges can always direct and push you to give a sound art piece.